Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quo Warranto & The Power To Remove The DA & Prosecute Those That Have Violated The Law

I am requesting that all of you send an email to Leo Hafner - Deputy Auditor and the Post Legislative Committee members that are listed at the bottom of the page and let them know that you will be watching the outcome of the Audit in Kansas. They have had reports of Social Workers being told not to follow the Federal and State Laws. They have had reports the Secretary of SRS told that the Sedgwick County DA's office is bulling Social workers into falsifying doucments and writing things they don't believe to remove children. The Legislative Coordinating Council has the power to direct the Legislative Counsel to bring an action of Quo Warranto, according to K.S.A. 46-1222a 60-1205. Quo Warranto - Grounds for forfeiture of public office. Every person holding any office of trust or profit, under and by virtue of any of the laws of the state of Kansas, either state, district, county, township or city office, except those subject to removal from office only by impeachment, who shall (1) willfully engage in misconduct while in office, (2) willfully neglect to perform any duty enjoined upon such person by law, (3) demonstrate mental impairment such that the person lacks the capacity to manage the office held, or (4) who shall commit any act constituting a violation of any penal statute involving moral turpitude, shall forfeit such person's office and shall be ousted from such office in the manner hereinafter provided.

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