Thursday, June 18, 2009

FYI: According to the Post Legislative Audit group
If a social worker and/or case manager falsifies information to remove children they will NOT be held accountable if they state that they weren't bullied into their act by a prosecutor. It's dropped at that time - possibly for another audit at a later time? The emphaisis is placed on who caused the falisifcation of documents - not that documents were falsified to remove children. When you have the documents from the social workers and DA's office and documents from the families - whose copy do you beilieve? - hopefully the families copy - after all those are the copies that ORIGINALLY came from SRS and the DA's office and haven't been altered. Mr Hafner said that 2 years ago when they started looking into the horrific sounding cases they found that the doucmentation was different when going to the SRS - of course it was! That's the issue here - falsification of documents.

ALL of the documents presented in Juvenile Court go thru the District Attorney's office. If there are falsified documents the DA and her ADA's are aware and they are knowingly filing those documents, whether they bullied a social worker into falsifying them or the DA's office falsified them.
IT'S STILL FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS! Prosecutorial Misconduct.
The Sedgwick County District Attorney is aware that there have also been violations of color of law in many cases - State and Federal Laws have been violated.
This is willful misconduct and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice by the Sedgwick County District Attorney's office.

2005 Audit

The legislators focused on an anonymous survey of SRS employees, in which allegations were made that employees were told to disregard federal and state laws.

(This concerns me - that's against the law and I am concerned that there were Post Audit Committe legislators that were aware that laws were being violated and nothing was done about it - what did the audit committee do with that information?- they should have asked for an outside investigation - since the AG works for the state)

And some noted they had been approached by SRS employees who feared if they went public with problems at the agency they would lose their jobs. (This sounds familiar) – (how about a recent interview by KSN of a social worker that said she wouldn’t have a job if she didn’t do what the DA’s office told her)

And lets not forget Secretary Don Jordan's statements that there was falsification of affidavits by social workers to remove childen by use of bullying by the DA's office.

• SRS employees often are told to disregard state and federal regulations.

We can go clear back to 2000 when Janet Schlansky was in charge.
When Schalansky was Secretary of SRS in March 2000 the SRS was audited.
Scalansky's comments: "We have failed these kids", "thousands of Kansas children have been taken from their homes and communities and inappropriately placed in state custody and foster care over the years..."
AND "SRS Admits Too Many Children Taken From Families"

They are still taking the children and innapropriately placing them in state custody - nothing is changing - they are taking more children than ever!!!

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